FISMOTRON.EDUCATION (Institute for the Study & Advancement of the Film Society Movement, Inc.) has changed its name to Screen & Study Institute.

We have moved the website to SCREENANDSTUDY.ORG

FISMOTRON™ is a non-profit educational institution operating within the Film Society Movement.

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PRODOS, FiSMoTron Founder and President

FISMOTRON™ is the nickname for the Institute for the Study & Advancement of the Film Society Movement.

The Institute was formed on July 04 2011 in Melbourne and incorporated on July 22 2011

Registration # A0056437C … ABN: 26 981 771 679

On May 11 2012 FiSMoTron was accepted as an Associate Member of Australian Council of Film Societies (ACOFS).

On August 21 2012 FiSMoTron was accepted as a partner of the Acton Institute’s PovertyCure network.

On November 04 2012 FiSMoTron was accepted as a member of Adult Learning Australia.

FiSMoTron is a signatory of the Free Speech Manifesto.

Constitutional Aims

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1. Operate as a non-profit educational institution within the Film Society Movement, its principal functions being to:

a. Develop courses, tutorials, classes, workshops for use in FiSMoTron-affiliated film study groups and kindred projects.

b. Provide training and certification for FiSMoTron CTI’s (“Coaches/Tutors/Instructors”).

c. Develop and provide teaching material and resources for certified FiSMoTron CTI’s including – through the Film Study Group project – suitable films (both non-fiction/documentaries & fictional/movies) and filmed talks (such as lectures, debates, interviews, panel discussions, etc.). Such films and filmed talks to be used strictly in the course of educational instruction to enrolled student members and conducted on a not-for-profit basis by certified FiSMoTron CTI’s.

d. Encourage and assist the formation of FiSMoTron-affiliated film study groups and kindred projects.

2. Help support and promote non-government-funded adult & community education in general.


3. Foster the spirit and practice of “intellectual adventure” across the Film Society Movement

a. … Through promoting: serious scholarship; the improvement of critical, constructive, and creative thinking skills; a commitment to lifelong education; activities such as forums, workshops, courses, tutorials, speakers, study groups.

b. … And promote public awareness and appreciation of the personal and social value of this as an integral component of the Film Society Movement of Australia.

4. Support the Aims and contribute to the work of ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies).

5. On the basis of the “One4One” principle (one-federation-per-state and one-state-per-federation):

a. Support the Aims and contribute to the work of ACOFS-affiliated film society Federations.

b. Assist in the formation of a an ACOFS-affiliated Federation in each state or territory that does not have one, in a manner compatible with the duty of ACOFS and its member Federations to see that “where no such state federation exists to encourage by all means possible the formation of a state federation of film societies”.

6. Through volunteers, on a not-for-profit basis: Develop and offer services and resources to ACOFS, its member Federations, film societies (and kindred projects) including “valuable news, views, knowledge & knowhow” content for film society movement publications.

7. Champion the ideals of “Excellence, Independence, Enterprise” across the Film Society Movement.


8. Encourage and assist with collaboration and cooperation between Performing Artists and Film Society Movement groups and projects.

9. Help promote Australian non-government-funded Art and Cultural projects, including filmmaking.


In relation to the government sector:

10. Contribute to the defence of the rights and interests of the Film Society Movement in relation to laws, regulations, privileges, and practices that may encroach upon such inalienable individual rights as freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of trade, insofar as these rest upon private property rights and self-ownership.

11. Study the positive and negative effects of government funding, grants, subsidies, and other forms of government assistance or intervention upon: the Film Society Movement, the film industry, the non-profit sector, the education sector, and the Arts sector.


In relation to the NPV (non-profit, volunteer) sector:

12. Develop friendly relations and cooperation between the Film Society Movement and other enterprising, independent (non-government-funded) NPV’s across Australia and worldwide.

13. Promote and celebrate the flourishing of independent (non-government-funded) NPV groups and projects as indispensable to robust, free, just, virtuous democracies.


14. Between the for-profit sector and the independent (non-government-funded) NPV sector assist in promoting: reciprocal respect, friendly relations, mutual benefit, and an appreciation of the genuine common ground between the two sectors.

FiSMoTron members:


President: Prodos

Secretary: Barboo AH Marinakis

Treasurer: David DeLeon


VIC Project Manager: Philip Lillingston

VIC Project Manager: Paul Green

VIC Project Manager: Dr Anna Blainey Warner

VIC Project Manager: Gerard Jackson

VIC Project Manager: Peter Morley

VIC Project Manager: Robyn Morley

VIC Project Manager: Margaret Livingstone

NSW Project Manager: Jason Lockwood

NSW Project Manager: David Prichard

NSW Project Manager: Emma Woodford

NSW Project Manager: Robert Woodford

NSW Associate Member: Derek Schoen

NSW Associate Member: Leanne Schoen

QLD Project Manager: Kerry McKinnon

QLD Project Manager: Christine Zimmer

SA Associate Member: Amnon Shiloh



Email: prodos@prodos.com

Phone: +613 9428 1234 (Melbourne, Australia)


PO Box 2165
Richmond South
Victoria 3121

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