FVFS Affiliation - for Film Societies Only - V9

FVFS Affiliation - for Film Societies Only - V9

This form is for Film Societies only. It is not possible to include a Film Festival or Cinema in the same application for membership. They require their own, separate application.

Stand-alone NPV Cinemas and NPV Film Festivals must use a different form.

To satisfy our obligations to film and DVD distributors this application must be completed annually. (The FVFS Membership year is 1st January to 31st December)

NOTE: For 2022 the renewal fee for 2020 and 2021 financial members has been waived. But please complete this form so we can maintain accurate records of your organisation. If you were not a member in 2020 or 2021, then you must complete this form and pay the appropriate fee.

Red asterisks indicate compulsory fields.

You must select REVIEW and SUBMIT at the foot of this form when you are ready to forward the completed form to the FVFS at which time a copy will also be sent to the email address proved at question 3. If it does not arrive check your spam folder.

NOTE: Ensure you enter the "Security" code correct, or you will be taken to the top of the page again!

NOTE: DO NOT USE the "ENTER" Key at any time (except in the multi line fields), as this will be interpreted as a "CONTINUE" button and cause it to refresh.

Also, ensure there are no non-numeric characters (including spaces) in the NUMERIC ONLY fields.