Current Projects

  • TYSPOM Film Library: Serving the Film Society Movement of Australia, TYPSOM specialises in lending out and studying films made with NO government funding.
    Also, currently building an online, non-theatrical screening rights system that can be offered to the Film Society Movement and used by independent film-makers. 
  • Economics Workshop: Workshops on sound economic principles and policies, with a special focus on the film industry and how economics is portrayed in films.
  • IMPIA: Independent Motion Picture Industries of Australia (Coalition): Formed in partnership with Pure Independent Pictures to support and represent film-makers and those involved in the film and television industry who do not seek or accept government funding.
  • Independent Voluntary Associations (IVA). Promoting and studying non government funded voluntary associations — clubs, charities, associations, etc. — and civil society.
  • Website services: To make available to ACOFS aligned film societies and Federations free web hosting, free website development and maintenance, and other free web tools.
  • PRODOSCOPE (Partnered project) Produce short educational and instructional films and animations that might be useful to the Film Society Movement.
  • Itchy Brain Club. The official PRODOS & FISMOTRON research and discussion forum.